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I have two asterisk boxes running and both are using DAHDI PRI Card. I wish to know if IAX is the best method to connect both the boxes?

Also, need some help with the following?

1. For incoming call on server2 I wish to run an IVR to the user for which all my prompt sound files resides on server1. Is there a way I can achieve this?
2. I am also using .call file at times to make outgoing call to the user where IVR will be played but I will initiated the .call file from server1
spool but the call should use server2 dahdi lines and also stream the file from server1?

Please suggest

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  • 2012/8/9 Ashish Agarwal

    IAX2 is a great protocol, it can do amazing things in saving bandwidth
    (with the trunking feature) and it plays friendly with NAT. If you haven’t NAT or bandwitdh problem, I’ll prefer SIP over IAX2.

    There are several ways. The simplest will be to share via NFS the directory holding the sound files. A more tricky one was to actually forward the call to server 1 and play the sound files on it

    2. I am also using .call file at times to make outgoing call to the user

    The call can go from server1 to server2 and then use the local dahdi lines. The audio part can be build on server1 as well.

    Asterisk is a really flexible software, you can do always what you want and usually, for every problems, there are few solutions…