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Asterisk To Control Just One Phone Within Current CCM?


I have used basic Asterisk as a PBX controlling few extensions. My question is simple, at work there is an existing Call Manager/PBX and all which manages all the extensions for SCCP VOIP phones. Can Asterisk be used to manage just 1 VOIP phone and still can make internal calls to the other extensions?

Thanks, Jorge

Asterisk On Rackspace, My SIP Phone Behind NAT


I’ve successfully setup Asterisk on my local PC and can make call using Twinkle to the server. But, I cannot call to my Asterisk server at Rackspace. I have been trying several things to figure it out, no luck. My PC is behind NAT, so I’ve set that up in sip.conf (nat=yes). I can ping my Rackspace server so it seems to be Public-static IP. Anyway, I tried with setting externip, netmask etc. No luck.

Recently I tried out two things. Sending UDP packets with python scripts, with a client on my PC and a server on Rackspace. I cannot receive any packets. As far as I remember, I can send TCP packets using nc, with client and server at both ends. But when I use UDP switch I don’t get anything.

My question is how can I troubleshoot this scenario? (Is this question within the scope of this mailing list?)

Multi-tenant IVR

Hi There,

Is should be possible to CONFGURE Asterisk as a multi-tenant IVR server right? Like tweaking configuration to configure a multi-tenant PBX with Asterisk.


No CDR After Upgrade (1.6.x -> 10.2.1)

Hi all,

I just completed an upgrade from 1.6.2 to 10.2.1 and I’ve run into a few issues.
The issue I’m trying to fix rght now is that after the upgrade, I no longer get any CDR’s. I’m trying to log to a Mysql database via odbc.

When I do an odbc show all, it shows that it’s connected. Likewise, when I do a cdr show status, it shows the adaptive ODBC backend registered:

cdr show status Call Detail Record (CDR) settings

IAX With Two Asterisk Boxes


I have two asterisk boxes running and both are using DAHDI PRI Card. I wish to know if IAX is the best method to connect both the boxes?

Also, need some help with the following?

1. For incoming call on server2 I wish to run an IVR to the user for which all my prompt sound files resides on server1. Is there a way I can achieve this?
2. I am also using .call file at times to make outgoing call to the user where IVR will be played but I will initiated the .call file from server1
spool but the call should use server2 dahdi lines and also stream the file from server1?

Please suggest