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Background, Playback Wave Files In Asterisk 1.8.11-cert1


What is the difference between using the Background & Playback in Asterisk 1.8 without cert and Asterisk 1.8 cert?

I surprised that in cert version, I do not hear the sound ! And it is not working properly, but in the normal version, it is working.

So what is the new?
Is it the version? Or there are some variables or settings need to be done in asterisk 1.8 cert that was not require in the normal version (not cert)?

Regards Bilal

Voice Mail Beep / Tone Detection

Though asterisk support AMD which is based on silence detection but I did not found support of tone / beep detection in asterisk to record a voice message for answering machines after detecting tone

Will appreciate any help in this regard

Best Regards
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