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Suggestion Of Server Specifications For Asterisk

What the minimum Server Specifications do I need to run
200 concurrent channels at the time with .WAV recording (MixMonitor)?

It will be connected via VOIP sip account.

Codec will be ulaw.

Which UK dedicated server provider do you recommend and how much bandwidth do I need?


Talk Detection During Call

I am looking for ways to detect if there is some person talking on the other side of the line and trigger some events based on that.. is there any possible way through which this could be done in asterisk ?

Thanks, Sathiish

Unplanned Asterisk Community Service Outage

Starting around twenty minutes ago, we have begin having some network difficulties affecting community services. The issue is being investigated and will be resolved as promptly as possible.

These technical issues appear to be causing an outage to at least the following services:

bamboo.asterisk.org code.asterisk.org downloads.digium.com downloads.asterisk.org git.asterisk.org issues.asterisk.org packages.asterisk.org reviewboard.asterisk.org svn.asterisk.org svnview.digium.com wiki.asterisk.org

Voicemail Full.


I’ve made a call to our elastix server and the call was redirected to the voicemail, which the user should leave a message. Intead recording the call the service returned a message like “Sorry, but the user’s mailbox can’t accept more messages”. I’m a little lost in the configs here, what parameter should I edit to increase the mailbox capacity or what steps I
take to ‘clean’ the mailbox?

Asterisk Realtime Database Structure


I was wondering if there is a tool that can create the realtime database structure for latest Asterisk version or a web resource/file containing the sql scripts. Hope I haven’t missed obvious things, I had no luck searching on the web, in the wiki I found few pages with bits of sql or table structures, like:

https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/SIP+Realtime,+MySQL+table+structure https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/ODBC+Voicemail+Storage

I have several table structures from the Asterisk 1.6, I dug for them in the code or found on the web when I wrote the tutorial about integration with Kamailio 3.1
(http://kb.asipto.com/asterisk:realtime:kamailio-3.1.x-asterisk-1.6.2-astdb), but hopefully now it is an easy way to get the db structure.

Thanks, Daniel