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Receiving And Processing Unsolicited XMPP Messages With Asterisk 11

I’m trying to set up a way that our users can send an XMPP message to Asterisk (unsolicited) to request information, such as voicemail status or the like. No matter what I set for the dialplan, I’m only seeing Asterisk execute the s,1 priority in the context defined in xmpp.conf for incoming messages, and then the “call” hangs up without executing further instructions. Anything I’ve tried to accomplish in that first priority has worked, but it never continues to an additional priority.

Debug output looks like:
[Aug 31 14:41:15] DEBUG[6964]: res_xmpp.c:2988 xmpp_pak_message: XMPP client ‘testaccount’ received a message
[Aug 31 14:41:15] DEBUG[6964]: res_xmpp.c:3029 xmpp_pak_message: Deleted 1 messages for client testaccount from JID jabberclient@my.jabber.server
[Aug 31 14:41:15] DEBUG[6954][C-00000000]: pbx.c:4410 pbx_extension_helper: Launching ‘Gosub’
[Aug 31 14:41:15] DEBUG[6964]: res_xmpp.c:3494 xmpp_client_receive: XML parsing successful
— Executing [s@xmpp-incoming:1] Gosub(“Message/ast_msg_queue”, “xmpp-incoming,message,1″) in new stack
[Aug 31 14:41:15] DEBUG[6954][C-00000000]: app_stack.c:578 gosub_exec: Channel Message/ast_msg_queue has no datastore, so we’re allocating one.
[Aug 31 14:41:15] DEBUG[6954][C-00000000]: pbx.c:6065 __ast_pbx_run: Extension message, priority 0 returned normally even though call was hung up

The exact specifics of the debug after priority 1 varies a little based on what I try to do, but in every case, the next thing immediately after the priority 1 application is “Extension s, priority 1 returned normally even though call was hungup” if I don’t use a Goto/Gosub, or “Extension gotoextension, priority 0 returned normally even though call was hungup” if I do.

I’m running Asterisk SVN-branch-11-r371592M on CentOS 6.3 64-bit. Asterisk is able to send using JabberSend via other processing in my dialplan.

Thank you,

Noah Engelberth MetaLINK Technologies

Asterisk On Arm

Hi, has anyone tried Asterisk on arm processors? how is the performance?
have encountered problems in the compilation?

Thanks, Regards.

Record Calls As BLOB Into MySQL?

Hello all,

is it possible, to record calls directly as BLOB into a MySQL database?

Best regards Stefan

Good Way To Query Data From Asterisk Realtime With Asterisk Manager API


I am trying to use Asterisk Manager API query data from realtime. From Asterisk CLI, we could use realtime load
query realtime it would have response like

Column Name Column Value
——————– ——————–
id 1
mykey content
myvalue value

I am wondering how I could make this type of query from Manager API.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Question About Cli

Hello guys, i would like to ask a question about cli.

Today, while i was using the cli, i thinked that there could be more features. IMHO, might be interesting, for example, to add a sip extensions from cli, or other similar functions, without having to modify the configuration files.

Or not? What do you think?


Automatic ODBC Reconnect?

I recently rebooted by Asterisk server, MySQL (via ODBC) is also installed on the same machine. After rebooting, Asterisk didn’t connect via ODBC, I
assume that MySQL wasn’t yet running when Asterisk tried to connect. So, how to tell Asterisk to automatically retry to connect via ODBC on failures? And is there a way to start MySQL before Asterisk? Thanks :-)