Receiving And Processing Unsolicited XMPP Messages With Asterisk 11


I'm trying to set up a way that our users can send an XMPP message to Asterisk (unsolicited) to request information, such as voicemail status or the like. No matter what I set for the dialplan, I'm only seeing Asterisk execute the s,1 priority in the context defined in xmpp.conf for incoming messages, and then the "call" hangs up without executing further instructions. Anything I've tried to accomplish in that first priority has worked, but it never continues to an additional priority.

Debug output looks like: [Aug 31 14:41:15] DEBUG[6964]: res_xmpp.c:2988 xmpp_pak_message: XMPP client 'testaccount' received a message [Aug 31 14:41:15]…

Asterisk Users 3.2 years ago 3 Answers

Question About Cli


Hello guys, i would like to ask a question about cli.

Today, while i was using the cli, i thinked that there could be more features. IMHO, might be interesting, for example, to add a sip extensions from cli, or other similar functions, without having to modify the configuration files.

Or not? What do you think?


Asterisk Users 3.2 years ago 2 Answers