111 Useful And/or Funny New Prompts For Asterisk, Courtesy Of Allison Smith

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Greetings Asterisk Users / Biz,

Allison Smith, the voice of Asterisk, has released the first installment of her riotous (and absolutely free) “Asterisk Prompts I Wish I Had” series, and boy does it include some amazing stuff. Here are a few of the funnier entries:

“I think you may have me confused with Siri.”

“Thank you for calling. Self destruct has been initiated will occur in thirty seconds. If you believe you have reached this destination in error please enter the twelve digit abort code now or hang up and seek shelter immediately.”

“It’s not you, it’s me. Let’s find an agent.”

“For quality control purp.. (laughs) for quality control purposes, this call (laughing) may be…”


That’s only a tiny sample of the 111 new prompts, all available for immediate download from the downloads page at Asterisk.org.

Remember that you can request new prompts at any time from the online form . The prompts can be funny or practical. If they’re practical, they need to be generic / universally (i.e. don’t ask her to record your automated attendant messages – that’s how she earns her living). If they’re funny they should be in reasonably good taste. Allison will issue a new set every few months.

As always, if you need custom prompts you can order them from Allison on the IVR prompts page on Digium.com.



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