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what are folks using for PRI gateways these days? Obviously there’s lots of folks using TE410s and related cards, which work well, and I know reasonably well.

However, anyone using anything standalone that stands out as being particularly stellar?

Anything that:

* takes a couple of PRIs or more (or, if it’s not costly, I’m not
opposed to two of ’em)
* does a good job of echo cancellation (128ms? what’s the standard now?)
* isn’t horrendously expensive
* straightforward to configure
* doesn’t leave you annoyed every time there’s a problem

More looking for real world experiences rather than vendors trying to sell, of course. Devices that you’ve plugged in, configured, and then forgotten about (since they never give you trouble) are generally the most sysadmin-friendly!

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  • The Adtran NetVanta series has a number of good devices which support PRI/SIP

    —–Original Message—

  • One of my clients is using the Redfone TMDoE devices with excellent results. The installation has been in place for over a year. To (try to) answer your specific questions:

    Takes up to 4 PRIs.

    Haven’t faced any echo issues so far with up to 400 simultaneous calls on a single box, load balanced over multiple Redfone/PSTN gateways.

    You could get pricing from them.

    Fairly straightforward. The scripts supplied by Redfone work for a single device connected to a computer. We’re connecting up to 6 devices
    (6 x 4 x 30 = 720 lines), and have made our own set of scripts to handle that.

    As far as I know my client’s blood pressure has remained stable over the non-Redfone < => Redfone transition 🙂


    — Raj

  • Yeah infact Redfone TDMoE devices are the perfect blend between a SIP GW
    and PCI Cards.

    Most of the heavy DSP tasks are offloaded / shared with the device and hence single machine can reach far more concurrency on calls then in std Card based model.

    I dont see why customers wont be happy when they get so much productivity out of the same box.

    If any one need redfone devices with high availability and high performance, do connect with me off the list.

    Regards, Mitul Limbani Enterux Solutions

  • I’m clearly biased, but I suggest you consider the Digium G100/G200
    gateways. We’ve had really good feedback from users since they were released, and they certainly meet all of your needs listed above (and there are a few more, like T.38 FAX support on all channels).