Asterisk 1.8.12 And Fax?


Hello, I'm trying get fax working over VOIP lines. I'm running Asterisk 1.8.12 server, working fine, however I would like to get rid of our anolog fax lines and integrate with our fax to our Asterisk Server.

Any recomendataion from this list? I had done some research but nothing solid.

Thanks, Motty

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Digium Phones: Heads Up


Just a quick heads-up for anyone thinking of trying out the new Digium Phones:

If you are not using DPMA (and we can't, because it is only made available in binary form and our software procurement policy forbids this. I'll hold out for an Open alternative) then you can still use these phones as normal SIP phones.


Even although I had correctly configured dhcpd.conf with

option tftp-server-name "192.168.XX.YY";

the phone seemed to be making no attempt to get its configuration file via TFTP (although it was correctly obtaining an IP address via DHCP).

It turned out that these phones use HTTP, not TFTP, to get…

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T.38 Gateway


Hi everyone,

we're trying to setup a fax gateway from PRI to SIP. Our test setup consists of two asterisk 10 machines connected over PRI and a third one which is acting as a fax endpoint over SIP.

On the machine which is receiving over PRI, we see the following message:

[Jul 23 12:54:23] DEBUG[18288] res_fax.c: detected v21 preamble on SIP/, but DAHDI/i1/-2 does not support T.38 for T.38 gateway session

The relevant dialplan part looks like this:

[from-pstn] exten => _X,1,Verbose(1,"Entering from-pstn context") exten => _X,n,Set(FAXOPT(gateway)=yes) exten => _X,n,Dial(SIP/

Fax capabilites are working apparently:

*CLI> fax show capabilities

Registered FAX Technology Modules:

Type : Spandsp Description : Spandsp…

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File And On SayNumber() App



I use the SayNumber() with variable.

for example the number 1234 - asterisk play the number without and.

-- Executing [888@from-internal:1] Set("SIP/103-0000035d", "LANGUAGE=en") in new stack -- Executing [888@from-internal:2] SayNumber("SIP/103-0000035d", "1234") in new stack -- Playing 'digits/1.ulaw' (language 'en') -- Playing 'digits/thousand.ulaw' (language 'en') -- Playing 'digits/2.ulaw' (language 'en') -- Playing 'digits/hundred.ulaw' (language 'en') -- Playing 'digits/30.ulaw' (language 'en') -- Playing 'digits/4.ulaw' (language 'en')

It`s not will to be: ; "one - thousand - two - hundred - *and* - thirty - four ??

I put and.ulaw file on en dir and on en/digits dir.

Thanks Naftali

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