- SIP Retransmission Problem

Hi all, I have a problems with asterisk I configured a number eutelia for so I ring an internal

the file is as follows:

# sip.conf

Register: 0707732332:xxxxxxxx@voip.eutelia.it/0707732332 registertimeout20 registerattempts10

[eutelia] type=fiend Xlanguage=it context=fom-eutelia host=voip.eutelia.it dtmfmode=rfc2833 directmedia=no fromdomain=voip.eutelia.it fromuser07732332 defaultuser07732332 insecure=invite qualify=yes secret=xxxxxxxxxx disallow=al allow=ulaw allow=aaw

# extensions.conf


exten => 0707732332,1,NoOp same => n,Dial(SIP/1000,45) same => n,Hangup

from cli:

Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5 -Performing of 0707732332from-eutelia: 1 NoOp (SIPeutelia-00000022) in new stack -Performing of 0707732332from-eutelia: 2 Dial (SIPeutelia-00000022, SIP1000, 45) in new stack Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5 -SIP1000 called -Ringing SIP1000-00000023 -SIP1000-SIPeutelia-00000023 replied 00000022 21 Jul 23:34:23 WARNING2491: c:3641 retranspkt: chansip. retransmission timeout reached on transmission A66023DE-D2B211E1-8D25E362-A130DAB 9195.62.226.18 for seqno 101 (critical response)-see https: wiki.asterisk.orgwikidisplayASTSIPRetransmissions Package timeout after 6401ms with no response 21 Jul WARNING2491: 23:34:23 c:3670 retranspkt chansip.: Hanging up call A66023DE-D2B211E1-8D25E362-A130DAB 9195.62.226.18-no response to our critical packages (see https: wiki.asterisk.orgwikidisplayASTSIP

the call drops after 4-5 seconds can you tell me what do I go to edit why this doesn't happen? I also disabled iptables in order to avoid any problem (although it seems properly configured)

Thanks in advance
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  1. Jorge Martínez López
    August 6, 2012 at 04:50 am

    Hi Paolo, I had yesterday a similar problem and it was caused by a misconfigured IP address in extensions.conf that I forgot to update after changing some IP addresses in my network. Check the network connectivity between you Asterisk host and "1000". Double check that the IP address is correct. Use tcpdump to see what's going on the wires. Good luck! -- Jorge Martínez López http://www.jorgeml.net --

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