- SIP Retransmission Problem


Hi all, I have a problems with asterisk I configured a number eutelia for so I ring an internal

the file is as follows:

# sip.conf

Register: 0707732332:xxxxxxxx@voip.eutelia.it/0707732332 registertimeout20 registerattempts10

[eutelia] type=fiend Xlanguage=it context=fom-eutelia host=voip.eutelia.it dtmfmode=rfc2833 directmedia=no fromdomain=voip.eutelia.it fromuser07732332 defaultuser07732332 insecure=invite qualify=yes secret=xxxxxxxxxx disallow=al allow=ulaw allow=aaw

# extensions.conf


exten => 0707732332,1,NoOp same => n,Dial(SIP/1000,45) same => n,Hangup

from cli:

Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5 -Performing of 0707732332from-eutelia: 1 NoOp (SIPeutelia-00000022) in new stack -Performing of 0707732332from-eutelia: 2 Dial (SIPeutelia-00000022, SIP1000, 45) in new stack Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5 -SIP1000 called -Ringing SIP1000-00000023 -SIP1000-SIPeutelia-00000023 replied 00000022 21 Jul 23:34:23 WARNING2491: c:3641 retranspkt: chansip. retransmission timeout…

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Less Good Call Quality Using Asterisk



I am currently using the following setup: Snom 300 - Asterisk running on Raspberry Pi - Sipgate SIP Provider When I am using this setup, the call quality isn't as good as when using a direct connection like Snom 300 - Sipgate SIP Provider to my SIP Provider (Sipgate).

Sipgate supports

0x08 (G.711), so the best one possible. Still the quality isn't as good as on a direct connection between my Snom phone and Asterisk. Using Asterisk it feels a little bit like there is some more background noise or so. Any hints why the quality using Asterisk is less good…

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Asterisk And IPTV



Is it possible with Asteisk to have IPTV (ability to show the TV channels using the video over IP, but to be live). In other words, to use Asterisk to watch the TV Channels.

Which open source that can do this, so we can install it on the same asterisk machine?

Also, is it possible to use Asterisk as Video Service Provider, to boradcast the video channels for the clients?

Regards Bilal

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