Route Incoming Calls


Hi, Let say I have 8 PSTN line on dahdi 1~8. When a call come to dahdi 8, I want it play a particular IVR and terminate the call. I'm looking at elastix's GUI but seems no setting about it. Please advice.

Thanks a lot :)

BR, Anam.

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Channel Is Rsrvd And Does Not Turn Off


Hi list.

I have Asterisk installed on a Debian 1.8 6 64-bit.

What happens is the following, some channels are not being hangup properly. They run the hangup in dialplan, but the output of the command "core show channels" shows several channels with status "rsrvd." Checking the server's memory, the "top" command shows multiple processes and stopped using the Asterisk server memory.

I tried to shut down the channels with the command "channel request hangup Khomp_SMS/B0C2-0" (Khomp_SMS/B0C2-0 the channel is locked), but nothing happens. I can only release these channels when I restart asterisk.

Can one imagine what might be happening?

*Output of command…

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Agent Receives Call While Making Calls


Good morning, I have an asterisk 1.4.43 running here in the company. We are facing the following difficulty. We have one that is responsive in a queue and logs through agents (we still use the AgentCallBackLogin for this). Works perfectly queue receptive. The problem is now the need to perform also called receptive, and is occurring when they are in an active call, responsive receive calls at the same time. The application queue does not mean that the extension is a active link. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem? tks, Eduardo

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