Can Not Get My Eicon Diva Running With Asterisk...


Hi Guys,

asterisk drive me crazy!

Now I have tried to use FreePBX but it require MySQL which I can not install du to a conflict with PostgreSQL.

Does someone know, how to configure FreePBX to use PostgreSQL?

Or does someone know another Asterisk Web-Frontend, without Database?

It is realy not funny, to force users to install this monster on an ARM Microcontroller.

I need only enterprise internal stuff to

1) access my 4 Vodafone EasyBox 803A using ISDN and the Eicon Diva 4port v2 Server Card 2) access a 1port HFC Card to connect some ISDN Telephones 3) access my account (20 Telephone numbers) on

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Remote Party ID - Sort Of Working...



I'm trying to set my system to set a caller id using the diaplan when calling an internal extension. In other words, when I dial Joe Smith's extension I want my own phone to show "Joe Smith 555". I have sort of managed that in the sense that my phone shows Joe Smith's caller id based on his sip.conf callerid. But I need this to be done programmatically through the dial plan (Let's say I want to show "Joe Smith" or just "Joe" based on some condition)

I have this in the relevant dialplan snippet:

exten => 123,1,Verbose(1,Test)

exten => 123,n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(number,i)="555-555-5555")

exten => 123,n,Set(rclidname="TestingB…

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Asterisk 1.8.13 / Res_fax / Res_fax_digium


We are using res_fax_digium with a Sangoma PRI card on asterisk 1.8.13

The docs at indicate v34 is supported, but when I enable it I get the message "res_fax_digium.c:1624 dgm_fax_new: V.34 not supported, will be ignored." Is v34 only supported with SpanDSP?

Also, the res_fax.conf.sample does not indicate v34 as a valid modem.

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Using Asterisk 10.6 As A T38 Fax Gateway


Hi all, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am trying to configure Asterisk 10.6 as a T38 Fax gateway. I am receiving calls through the PSTN and want to send them to my VoIP carriers as T38. This is my dialplan:

[fax] exten => _X.,1,Set(FAXOPT(t38gateway)=yes,20) exten => _X.,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@x.x.x.x)

I have tried with both FAXOPT(t38gateway) and FAXOPT(gateway). I have also tried setting t38pt_udptl = yes,redundancy in sip.conf. None of these things work. When we send a fax:

1. Asterisk does NOT send a REINVITE with the t38 offered. Reading the documentation, it should detect the fax tone with the audiohook and…

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