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QoS : Tos And Cos Settings

Hi All,

I need some assistance with QoS. We have multiple Asterisk servers on a MPLS network. We have just moved over to Verizon and for us to get QoS Verizon are saying we need to use af41.

I need to check what exactly I need to do as this is a new area for me.

We only use IAX over our WAN links as SIP is on the local LAN. In IAX I have set:
/etc/asterisk/iax.conf tos=af41

https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/IP+Quality+of+Service this pages sais I need to use a vconfig command. This is what is confusing me.

vconfig set_egress_map [vlan-device] [skb-priority] [vlan-qos]

is someone able to suggest what I should use here? I’m guessing my iax.conf setting is correct.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Regards David

Mediatrix 4400plus ISDN Setup


Strugling to get Mediatrix 4400plus running on *, does anyone have a script or example to share:)

Thank you!