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Hi guys!

I have a some non standard problem when I register my asterisk into “My SIP Provider” . The trouble is: my asterisk stay behind router with port forwarding, who have Public IP ( – for example), asterisk have a private IP

From “My SIP Provider” cabinet I see:
, but I need from (example):

From wich trukes in linux or asterisk technology I need?
Can you help?

Best regards, Nikolay G. Petrov!

4 thoughts on - Trouble With Asterisk Behind Router

  • 2012/7/13 Nikolay G. Petrov

    Sure, the problem is asterisk cannot know its public IP address and thus, the IP
    inserted in the SIP packets is the private one. You have to specify the internal network and the public IP address in the sip.conf configuration file.



  • 13.07.2012 15:01, Leandro Dardini ?????:

    Cool! It’s work!
    Respect! The trouble is resolve!

    Best regards!

  • 13.07.2012 16:25, Leandro Dardini ?????:
    ))) Ok,I agree, but may be we doing it tomorrow (…medal,medal ))) )?

    …Ok lets stop,before ban because flood )) !
    Have a nice day!

    Best regards!