How To Set SIP To Auto Answer In The Dial Plan .



I am trying to write dial plan for sip to auto answer (auto attend) the incoming call to the sip phone.

- If i call from sip1 to sip2 then sip2 should automatically answer the call and play some sound file. I am trying to do this but as new to the asterisk dial plan configuration , so not able Todo this. help me if anyone already done this setup.

Regards Upendra.

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Recommended VOIP Monitoring Tools


As system administrator, monitoring the continuity of services is vital. Today I would like to highlight some tools that could come in handy for VoIP monitoring.


For those of you who didn't know it, Nagios can be configured to monitor pretty much anything you want, including Asterisk servers. Actually, with Nagios the (much) harder part is deciding what’s relevant to monitor, and what your alarm thresholds should be set at. Some VoIP community members have reported that they used Nagios to monitor ~4,000 hosts and about 8,000 to 10,000 services before they started running into scaling problems on a single box. For…

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Trouble With Asterisk Behind Router


Hi guys!

I have a some non standard problem when I register my asterisk into "My SIP Provider" . The trouble is: my asterisk stay behind router with port forwarding, who have Public IP ( - for example), asterisk have a private IP (

From "My SIP Provider" cabinet I see: , but I need from (example):

From wich trukes in linux or asterisk technology I need? Can you help?

-- Best regards, Nikolay G. Petrov!

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