Wrong RTT QoS Information Always Reported


I am using CHANNEL function to store the rtt as variable in cdr.When i checked the records i found that rtt was always zero.To double check i turned on rtcp debug I was only able to see sent rtcp,sending rtcp but no got rtcp. Also the timestamps in rtp debug were oddly dissimilar.Is there a prblem wth my timestamp or is this a known bug?

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Inconsistency In CDR Between NO ANSWER And BUSY Calls



I'm using asterisk 1.8.7

My dialplan for an inbound number is along the lines of

[default] exten => idenfier,1,Goto(specific-context,s,1)

[specific-context] exten => s,1,NoOp() exten => s,2,Dial(SIP/some-extenion,20)

I have been testing the following 2 scenarios: 1) Caller calls in to identifier, caller hangs up (NO ANSWER) 2) Caller calls in to identifier, callee rejects (BUSY)

In both scenarios the dialplan works properly and dials 'some-extension'. However, there is some divergence with what is entered into the CDR. In both scenarios the following are the same (as they should be) a) lastapp b) lastdata

But, in scenario 1 the dcontext is 'specific-context' (this is what I would expect)…

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