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Audiocodes 310HD – On Asterisk Server

Slightly off topic but I have an Asterisk server with Audiocodes HD310
phones, they are running 1.2.2 software and I have 1.6.2 – they come as img files , but I cannot work out how to load the img file into the phones –
any one know?

Wrong RTT QoS Information Always Reported

I am using CHANNEL function to store the rtt as variable in cdr.When i checked the records i found that rtt was always zero.To double check i turned on rtcp debug I was only able to see sent rtcp,sending rtcp but no got rtcp. Also the timestamps in rtp debug were oddly dissimilar.Is there a prblem wth my timestamp or is this a known bug?

Sathiish Kumar Mohan Kumar Technical Operations Intern, Citrix Online
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Inconsistency In CDR Between NO ANSWER And BUSY Calls


I’m using asterisk 1.8.7

My dialplan for an inbound number is along the lines of

exten => idenfier,1,Goto(specific-context,s,1)

exten => s,1,NoOp()
exten => s,2,Dial(SIP/some-extenion,20)

I have been testing the following 2 scenarios:
1) Caller calls in to identifier, caller hangs up (NO ANSWER)
2) Caller calls in to identifier, callee rejects (BUSY)

In both scenarios the dialplan works properly and dials
‘some-extension’. However, there is some divergence with what is entered into the CDR. In both scenarios the following are the same (as they should be)
a) lastapp b) lastdata

But, in scenario 1 the dcontext is ‘specific-context’ (this is what I
would expect) and in scenario 2 the dcontext remains ‘default’ even though the call moved to a different context.

This cannot possibly be intentional and it is causing problems with our set up.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it actually correct behaviour and if so, why? If it is a bug, has it already been raised?

Thanks in advance