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i’m trying to implement a Playtones App into my IVR. If a invalid numer is entered, Asterisk should play the info tone defined at the indications.conf.

My Extensions.conf

exten => i,1,Set(CHANNEL(language)=de)
exten => i,2,Progress()
exten => i,3,PlayTones(info)
exten => i,n,Playback(fettefinger)
exten => i,n,Wait(2)
exten => i,n,StopPlayTones()
exten => i,n,Goto(i,3)

The Console shows

Invalid extension ‘5’ in context ‘support’ on SIP/200-0000000a
== CDR updated on SIP/200-0000000a
— Executing [i@support:1] Set(“SIP/200-0000000a”,
“CHANNEL(language)=de”) in new stack
— Executing [i@support:2] PlayTones(“SIP/200-0000000a”, “info”) in new stack
— Executing [i@support:3] Playback(“SIP/200-0000000a”,
“fettefinger”) in new stack
— <SIP/200-0000000a> Playing ‘fettefinger.alaw’ (language ‘de’)
— Executing [i@support:4] Wait(“SIP/200-0000000a”, “2”) in new stack

But the only thing i can hear is my Soundfile fettefinger.

BR Jakob