after upgrade from to my provider gets rport instead of port


if you check out your sip.conf. On Jun 29, 2012, at 5:54 PM, gincantalupo wrote: > Hi all,
> after upgrading my Asterisk to I cannot register to my VoIP provider because it says I'm trying to connect to port 55150 (that's what the call center guy told me)...but I'm not. In my sip I've set port=5060, not 55150.
> The strange thing is that the rport inside SIP packets ("sip set debug") coming back from my provider is set to 55150.....seen on both Asterisk 1.4 and 1.8
> Does anybody…

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Received bad response to DCS or training


Hello, On you may see an excerpt from asterisk
full log that includes a failing fax sending session. As you can see in
line 328, the transmission fails with error "Received bad response to
DCS or training". It seems that something goes wrong along the lines 315
to 320, but I can't figure it out. Perhaps somebody with enough
experience with the T.30 protocol can understand what is happening. What
does this DCN 'ff 13 fa' response mean? I would highly appreciate any
tip on how to get more info…

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port 5060 is blocked by ISP


i have configured properly asterisk. At the one end i am using x-lite soft
ph and another end twinkle. call is going properly from both end but after
picking the phone not able to listen other one.
when i checked the port 5060 on the asterisk server it is always showing
closed while i have flushed all the rules from iptables (iptables -F) PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION
5060/tcp closed sip telnet localhost 5060 (could not connect)

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