As Kevin Fleming Says "So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!", We Say Thank You - And Look To The Future


It's amazing what you can learn in a few days...

Having just found out that Queen Elizabeth has a great sense of humor, it has now emerged that Kevin Fleming - a man who (both with and without his moustache) has been an amazing contributor and influencer in the Asterisk project is set to move on to a new challenge outside the project - but still within the realms of Open Source.

Kevin has been involved with Asterisk for 7+ years, and has been both a thought leader and a powerful voice in the Asterisk world during that time. I…

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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish!


I've been with Digium for just over seven years, and it's been an incredible experience that I wouldn't have traded for anything. When Mark Spencer invited me to visit Digium (and Huntsville) in early 2005, I could not have dreamed that I'd end up working for such an exciting, innovative company, finding a wife, and meeting hundreds of people (many of whom are now friends) around the world. It's been a time of tremendous personal and career growth, and my wonderful colleagues at Digium and in the Asterisk open source community have been directly responsible for most of that. Recently, though,…

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Digium IP Phone D40 Quality, Very Bad


Hi All;

Really it is miserable.

I bring 8 Digium Phone D40 and I used them with a customer, the voice quality is bad internally (between the extension), there is no clearance at all ! We are hearing the voice like another person.

The used codec is ulaw.

The firmware version is: 1_1_0_0_48178

Even at the web based configuration at the phone it self, I am not able to do reboot (there is no reboot button) and I can do this only from the Phone it self.

From the speaker, the voice is very bad and weak.

I am really feel disappointed why I did not use…

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Static Noise On Bridged Calls To PSTN, Although The Trunk Line Is Clean On Its Own


I have two setups with SIP hardware phones as extensions and POTS lines as trunks. Internal SIP to SIP calls are crystal clear, but all calls bridged to POTS have a significant amount of static noise. The problem is that if I plug a POTS phone directly into the line, there is almost no static noise - the line is clean. It's like Asterisk (or the hardware) amplifies the static noise. What I've tried so far:

1. Connect Asterisk with a short cable directly into the master phone socket, where it enters the building. 2. One of the lines carries ADSL…

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AGI Not Generating Sip 180/183 Status



i have strange problem with AGI (asterisk when i use Dial from dialplan everything is ok when i dial from AGI script there is missing SIP Status 180 ringing and 183 session progress

any ideas?

DIAL without AGI

196.356479 -> SIP/SDP Request: INVITE, with session description 196.356768 -> SIP Status: 401 Unauthorized 196.365709 -> SIP Request: ACK 196.370028 -> SIP/SDP Request: INVITE, with session description 196.370503 -> SIP Status: 100 Trying 199.797325 -> SIP Status: 180 Ringing 199.797932 -> SIP/SDP Status: 183 Session Progress, with…

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