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Does anyone know if Gigaset is for sale in the USA? Based on my assessment of phones and features, i would like to try the N300IP base along with C610H phones.

I can only find the handsets on ebay, no retailers in USA. And I suspect they are using European frequencies.

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  • Yes they are. However, product numbers/bundling is a little bit
    different over here. They typically sell the base bundled with a
    handset already. For the current US offering, check out
    I believe the equivalent of what you’re looking for is the C610A IP
    bundle. There’s quite a of Gigaset info at, even though he did not do an
    in-depth review of the C610 IP. Instead, he mentions it as a nice
    upgrade option for the (now obsolete?) A580IP.

    I’m running a C610A IP at home, and am quite happy with it. Not a
    “business class” phone system, for that the bundled handset isn’t
    sturdy enough, I’d say. But good voice quality and excellent battery
    life. The only feature I’d like to see added is direct SIP URL
    dialing, which isn’t supported, not even through address book entries.

    When I bought my C610A IP, it was available through a large number of
    sellers. Everything from specialty VoIP shops to