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I’m currently running Asterisk 10.5.1, compiled from source, and just had someone call saying they couldn’t get their voice mail. Looking into the user’s voice mail folder, I saw a .lock file.

Removing this file, enabled them to get voice mail.

Is anybody else seeing this? The system is a new install and has only been running for a week with very little traffic (8 person office).


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  • /var has 110GB free

    System is on a new UPS.

    And doing a Google shows hits from 2011 and earlier. Nothing noted this year. Thanks for the input.


  • Apparently this was caused by a core dump in the mail module. I witnessed this just a bit ago. There are core files in /tmp. I’ll search Jira for outstanding tickets this weekend and open one if not found.


  • Doug:

    You may want to apply the patch on ASTERISK-19923 – it fixes a critical
    problem in app_voicemail in the latest version.

    We are planning on releasing a new version of 1.8.13/10.5, which
    will include this patch.