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Hi all,

I am trying to control the whole call using a FastAGI script. To that
effect I launch a FastAGI script (written with asterisk-java).

Basically, I want to DIAL from within the FastAGI script. When the call
ends I want to control the hangup (if executed at the remote end), and
depending on the cause, dial again, play a message, or hang up. This is a
pretty standard telephony scenario. I did it before by executing the AGI,
setting variables, calling the DIAL command from the dialplan, and then
executing a second AGI script for the cleanup logic. However, now that I am
using FastAGI it seems like a better idea to keep the AGI script alive
during the duration of the call. This gives me a lot of control and
fexibility on reporting.

However, as far as I can tell, once the called party hangs up, the CDR is
generated and posted, _even though my script is still in execution_! As you
can see from the sample below, the called party hangs up, and dialplan
execution starts immediately at the h extension, even though my script is
still running. In fact, I have quite a bit of cleanup to do, adding
variables to the CDR’s, and none of them are saved! I believe this is
because the CDR is already finised.

It’s like if once you call the DIAL aplication, the dialplan forks off and
your script is running in a different place. I do not understand it. I
assumed when I called DIAL from within a script, that the script execution
would suspend, but be resumed once the DIAL command returned, but this is
not what is happening.

Is there any way to get that behaviour?



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