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Actually I can start and receive SIP calls (PC client, iphone client)
but I have an issue with calling external number throught PSTN

I’m having this  error when making a call:

*CLI>   == Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
    — Executing [9000@local:1] Dial(“SIP/3000-00000006”,
“DAHDI/1/4384019357,10”) in new stack
[Jun 23 16:18:09] WARNING[28781]: app_dial.c:2218 dial_exec_full:
Unable to create channel of type ‘DAHDI’ (cause 0 – Unknown)
  == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)
    — Executing [9000@local:2] Hangup(“SIP/3000-00000006”, “”) in new stack
  == Spawn extension (local, 9000, 2) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/3000-00000006’

My configs :
*CLI> dahdi show channels
   Chan Extension  Context         Language   MOH Interpret
Blocked    State
 pseudo            default                    default
      In Service
*CLI> dahdi show status
Description                              Alarms  IRQ    bpviol CRC
Fra Codi Options  LBO
Wildcard TDM410P                         OK      0      0      0
CAS Unk           0 db (CSU)/0-133 feet (DSX-1)

root@my-PC:/usr/src/certified-asterisk-1.8.11-cert2# lsmod | grep dahdi
dahdi_echocan_mg2      12998  4
dahdi_voicebus         58608  1 wctdm24xxp
dahdi                 220595  3 dahdi_echocan_mg2,wctdm24xxp,dahdi_voicebus
crc_ccitt              12667  2 wctdm24xxp,dah

exten => 100,1,Dial(gtalk/asterisk/
exten => 2000,1,Dial(SIP/2000,10)
exten => 3000,1,Dial(SIP/3000,10)
exten => 9000,1,Dial(DAHDI/1/MyCellPhoneNumber,10)
exten => 9000,2,hangup()

root@My-PC:/usr/src/certified-asterisk-1.8.11-cert2# dahdi_scan
description=Wildcard TDM410P
devicetype=Wildcard TDM410P
location=PCI Bus 04 Slot 01

root@My-PC:/usr/src/certified-asterisk-1.8.11-cert2# dahdi_hardware
pci:0000:04:00.0 wctdm24xxp+ d161:8005 Wildcard TDM410P

2 thoughts on - Can’t make call with TDM410P

  • Where are your channels? That’s why you are receiving the error
    “Unable to create channel of type ‘DAHDI'”.

    Define your channel groups in /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

    Then is should look like this:
    # asterisk -rx “dahdi show channels”
    Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret
    Blocked State
    pseudo default default
    In Service
    1 from-external en default
    In Service
    2 from-external en default
    In Service
    3 from-external en default
    In Service
    4 from-external en default
    In Service
    5 from-external en default
    In Service
    6 from-external en default
    In Service

    – Julian

  • I notice the number you Dial()led didn’t start with a zero.

    Check with your telco about this if you like but you almost certainly need to
    include the initial 0 of the STD code when using an analogue exchange line,
    because a TDM410P simply emulates standard subscriber’s apparatus.

    Basically, your Asterisk box is just a subscriber dialling out on a POTS
    phone; and it has to do exactly what a person with a cheap phone would do.
    That is, the STD code (including initial 0) and subscriber’s number for
    someone in a different town; or just the number for a call to someone in the
    same town (though dialling the code for a local call won’t break anything).
    For IDD you need to dial 00, wait awhile, then the code for the destination
    country, STD code *without* the initial 0 (note, some small countries don’t
    use STD codes) then subscriber’s number.