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Timeout for Huntgroup

I have not found a solution so I am checking with the Masses here.

I have a client who has a old 5 line key system without voicemail.

Currently, I can set up a huntgroup and ring each line for 15 seconds and after the 5th line has reached its limit, the call goes to

The problem with this is that the caller will hear roughly 1m15s worth of ringing.

I trying to give them the same ability to always ring the huntgroup, starting with line 1, and hunting only if its busy or the
timeout is reached.

The modification needed is to only ring the huntgroup for 25 seconds ( roughly 5 rings ) and then pull the call back and send it to
voicemail if the line was not answered.

Has anyone seen this feature created and implemented and if so, how?


Spandsp supports T.38?


I would like to know whether SpanDSP supports T.38 for Asterisk 10? Because
as far as using Fax for Asterisk, I’m getting some issues using T.38

Reliable method for FoIP


I’m looking for a method to setup FoIP i.e. using T.38 protocol with no
PSTN lines.

I tested T.38 feature for Asterisk but the problem I’m getting is unable to
send more than 2 pages but getting timeout error.

Past couple of years I also configured and tested hylafax + iaxmodem for
T.30 faxing but I would like to know whether it also supports T.38
protocol or not?

Is there any other reliable method available for FoIP? If it is, please
share your views.

Dahdi and one port HFC cards


Is this http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+vzaphfc page data
still up to date ?
In other words, is it possible to use One port BRI cards with Dahdi ?


Tools for Load testing


Which are the tools for testing the load test for dahdi/Asterisk .

– Call load test .
– Stress test.


Asterisk 10/1.6.1 and Dahdi/Libpri compatilities in BRI /PtmP


After an upgrade, I discovered yesterday strange things I would like
to share here.

Basically, I’me comparing platforms:
The first one is a 2.6.26 (Debian Lenny) platform, with Asterisk, Libpri, Dahdi revision 8853 (must be between 2.3
and 2.5, I think).
The second one is a 2.6.32 (Debian Squeeze) platform, with Asterisk
10.5.1, Libpri 1.4.12, Dahdi 2.6.1.
Both are connected to telco BRI lines in TE/PtmP mode through a
Junghanns QuadBRI board (wcb4xxp driver).
Both handle incoming and outgoing calls correctly, as far as I can tell.

But on the second one, though working fine, Dahdi keeps showing alarm
messages such as:
[71765.784120] wcb4xxp 0000:01:0e.0: new card sync source: port 1
[71767.484151] wcb4xxp 0000:01:0e.0: new card sync source: port 1
[71771.184119] wcb4xxp 0000:01:0e.0: new card sync source: port 2
[71794.184164] wcb4xxp 0000:01:0e.0: new card sync source: port 1

and “pri show spans” mostly (but not always) report worrying status:
PRI span 1/0: Down, Active
PRI span 2/0: In Alarm, Down, Active

On the first box “pri show spans” constantly reports the line is up.

On thing to note is I had to forbid hfcmulti in modprobe.d in the
second box to comply with a warning from dahdi. Without that, I could
see this line in the output of lsmod: