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I have two GV numbers. Both are configured to send calls to my Asterisk box using the Google chat interface. At one time I had both
working with Asterisk. Now, for whatever reason, one of them has stopped
sending incoming calls to my asterisk box and instead just rolls to GV
voicemail. The other number continues to work fine. One is associated
with my wife’s google account and the other is mine. I’ve compared our
account settings in Google and can’t find any differences. Running “jabber
show connections” shows connections to each account. I know about all the
instabilities with GV and Asterisk but if one number works the other one
should too. I’m sure this is something simple, probably a Google account
setting that I can’t find. Can anyone think of something else I might
could check?

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  • As you said, GV and asterisk integration is unstable at best. I haven’t
    worked with it in a while, to be honest. But, with all that being said,
    I’m not opposed to popping my GV test box back online and helping to
    troubleshoot. Why don’t you start by giving us the contents of the
    gtalk.conf and jabber.conf files, the incoming dialplan snippet from
    extensions.conf for the google voice calls, and the CLI output with
    verbosity set to at least 6 of both a successful incoming call and a failed
    incoming call. There’s a debug option of jabber also, if you can have that
    enabled when you make the calls, that would be very helpful as well.

  • I’m with Warren… include your firewall configuration / network setup.

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  • For the number that is not working there is no jabber debug output and
    nothing shows up on the console. That leads me to believe that Google
    isn’t sending the call to my box at all.

    Here’s my gtalk:



    And my jabber.conf:


    statusmessage=”Connected via Asterisk”

    statusmessage=”Connected via Asterisk”


    ; Googlevoice incoming
    [from-googlevoice] ;{{{

    ; Google uses call screening even if you have it disabled in your
    ; GoogleVoice profile. These next two lines sleep for a couple of seconds
    ; and then sends a DTMF 1 digit to accept the call.
    exten => s,1,Wait(2)
    exten => s,n,SendDTMF(1)

    ; Fix Google’s crazy caller id string by cutting at the @ and then trim
    ; off the leading +1.
    exten => s,n,Set(crazygooglecid=${CALLERID(name)})
    exten => s,n,Set(stripcrazysuffix=${CUT(crazygooglecid,@,1)})
    exten => s,n,Set(CALLERID(all)=${stripcrazysuffix:2})

    ; Send all incoming calls to [incoming] context
    exten => s,n,Goto(incoming,s,1)

  • I remember seeing this when I had my gmail web client open – the call would
    try to ring in the web client instead of the asterisk box. It was
    difficult to tell this was the case, because I never really noticed the
    ring on the web interface until a few hours into debugging the issue.
    However, closing the web app made it ring into the asterisk box. I’m
    assuming you don’t have the web client open on a computer somewhere when
    you attempt this? Might be something to check out.

    Looks pretty similar to my notes on what I had for my own setup, I’ll need
    to find the config I used on the old box to confirm.

    This looks pretty close to mine, the only thing I can think to do here
    would be to add a “status=available” option to both user definitions, and
    also maybe add a buddy= option, and add the name / email of another gmail
    user account that you can open in the actual gtalk client. This will let
    you see if these definitions are even coming online at all?

    If none of this helps, let me know and I’ll find my old GV box and set it
    up again.