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Need queue name in CDR

Dear All,

I am making asterisk report using CDR values given by asterisk.

I have queues which consist of multiple members (extension). Also, an
extension may be in multiple queues. So, I want CDR to record the
name/number of queue from which the call was originated.

*Channel* * DestinationChannel*
* Src* * Destination
SIP/KOT-0000000c Local/102@from-queue-6a84;1
0856511524 9999 (first
line in CDR)
Local/102@from-queue-6a84;2 SIP/102-0000000e
0856511524 102 (second
line in CDR)

In above example, 9999 is a queue and 102 is an extension which is member
to that queue. So call comes from 0856511524 and goes to queue 9999 first
and queue routes call to 102 extension. So what I need is when the queue is
routed to extension 102 (in the seconds line), I want to show the queue
(9999) also. I know that I can track the queue by comparing Destination
Channel of queue(first line) with Channel of extension (second line). But
this will make my query very long and hard.

Please help me. I am still new to asterisk.


Polycom Caller ID


I have an issue I remember seeing a while ago and forgot to investigate further. Now it is turning into an issue and will need to be resolved. A customer has Polycom 335 phones (and a couple Soundstation 6000s), and when an extension is calling out, the screen on the 335 shows the company’s internal CID number instead of the person they are dialing. This also applies to receiving calls – the internal CID is displayed as opposed to who was calling.

I remember seeing something about connectedline issues with Polycom phones, but I can’t find the bug I had seen 6 months ago. Does anybody know about this issue and what can be done to resolve?


IAX2 Registered OK without IP

This has come up before on the list and archives but I don’t seem to
find a solution for this. On just a few nodes we have this situation
where we see the IP disappear from the CLI iax2 show peers list but
the status shows OK:

3012/3012 (Unspecified) (D) 0 OK (89 ms)

How can the status be OK a few milliseconds ago and have no IP ?? The
strange thing is that the IP does show up once in a while and then
disappears once again but the OK is always there.

Asterisk 1.4.29 running on FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE

Problems installing DPMA


I’m just trying to install the DPMA on my Asterisk. I already made the
upgrade from Asterisk 1.8.5 to Asterisk 1.8.11-cert2. This is what i did:

*mv /usr/lib/asterisk/modules /usr/lib/asterisk/modules-185
*compiling Asterisk-Cert2 1.8.11*
make install
make config
Afther that i register the DPMA license, and finally copied the *
res_digium_phone.so* to */usr/lib/asterisk/modules *

When i try to load the module on asterisk console this is what i get>

**CLI> module load res_digium_phone.so
Unable to load module res_digium_phone.so
Command ‘module load res_digium_phone.so’ failed. *

With *tail -f /var/log/asterisk/message *

*[Jun 11 18:53:26] WARNING[2554] loader.c: Error loading module
‘res_digium_phone.so': libavahi-client.so.3: cannot open shared object
file: No such file or directory
[Jun 11 18:53:26] WARNING[2554] loader.c: Module ‘res_digium_phone.so’
could not be loaded. *

Hope you can help

Advertising oportunity.


I don’t know if this list is appropriated to this subject but I want to ask
you if there’s some list where I can make an advertising announce for a new
sip web site that was just launched.
hank you.

asterisk-users Digest, Vol 95, Issue 14

Thank you John. This is a much more elegant solution since I have already defined ‘mailbox’ for my SIP device. I’m now using this in my dial plan.

Chet Stevens

asterisk-users@lists.digium.com writes:
>> Also, related to this question; is there a “best” or recommended method to
>> determine the dialing extensions voice mail box? I have been using
>> variations of ${CUT(CHANNEL,-,1)} which does work but I just have to be
>> aware of how I name my devices.
>I use the following method to get the mailbox for a peer under 1.4:
>exten => *98,n,Set(peer=${SIPCHANINFO(peername)}) ; Get the peer
>exten => *98,n,Set(mailbox=${SIPPEER(${peer},mailbox)}); Get the mailbox
>I dont know about it being the best or recommended method but I’ve yet
>to have it break on me.