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> Does anyone do a low profile PCIe FXO card? I just picked up an HP ProLiant
> microserver for $nuppence, which I’d hoped to migrate my Asterisk setup
> onto. I currently use an A400P analog card, but the ProLiant only has PCIe
> slots, and they’re short ones too, so I can’t use an A400E card. Even the
> Sangoma cards, which seem to be low profile, have full-height brackets on
> them – which, of course, won’t fit in the box.
> Is it just me, or is this whole half-height PCIe thing a complete b***ocks?

Hehe, that makes me laugh. Thanks to huge power-hungry GPU boards, the full length/height slots — which I thought
were dead in the late 1990s — have come back and established their rightful position 🙂


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  • Thanks Eric & Tim, I’ll put Sangoma back on the shopping list then 🙂

    I also found a thing called a “Jingletel A400EL” which looks like an
    A400-module-compatible low-height PCIe card…. but the name suggests it’s
    yet more Chinese knock-off cr*p. With postage to the UK, it’s about the same
    price as a Sangoma, which in turn is about the same as I paid for the server
    (after cashback).


    I wonder if I could hacksaw an A400E into fitting…..

    If anyone in the UK has an old Sangoma A200 (I only need 1x FXO, if it comes
    with 2x FXS as well that’s a brucie bonus) they’d be willing to sell for up
    to about 60 quid, please drop me a line.