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Hi Group,

is it possible to read the DTMF tones from a caller while he is in a meetme conference?
I would like to read the pressed key sequence and call a command like MeetMeAdmin or System Commands.
I’m using Asterisk 1.8.7.

Thanks for help

2 thoughts on - meetme and dtmf

  • I’m just a 1.2 Luddite, but…

    You can use the meetme() ‘X’ option to jump out of the meetme and into
    another context.

    I use this to allow conference administrators to mute, un-mute, or kick
    users. The first digit jumps out of the meetme and into another context
    where I read additional digits (the user index) and then call an AGI
    (meetmeadmin-by-index) before returning the admin to the conference.

  • I don’t get what the ‘F’ option is for. Its not proper to exit a context and then reenter the conference as admin…. Isn’t there any other way to do actions such as kick/mute/unmute users by admin dtmf trigger?