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On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 02:34:55PM -0400, Eric Wieling wrote:
> Has anyone experienced an issue with Sangoma analog cards where
> the card suddenly stops working? Trying to dial out shows the
> channel as busy, even though there is no active call on that port?
> This happened to us often when we used Digium cards (in fact this
> issue is why we stopped using Digium).

Odd, I’m not aware of any current issues with Digium’s cards or
drivers which would leave it in an alarm state that wasn’t
attributable to an intermittent cabling issue. I’ve seen a loss of
voltage between the tip and ring (assuming you’re talking about FXO
ports) due to cabling issues that would leave the card in alarm. If
it’s something marginal you could sometimes play with the battery

I had seen some issues with the newer analog cards and stuck alarm
states that were addressed in r7517 “voicebus: send ‘idle’ buffers
when the transmit descriptor underruns” [1] which was first released
in dahdi-linux 2.3.0.


If you still have the cards with which this problem occurred often,
are able to reproduce it with the dahdi-linux 2.6.1, I would be
interested in determining what the problem is. If you are interested
and able as well, shoot me an email off-list.

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