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For those customers with only analog lines, who ask for fax2email and
email2fax, whats the most reliable solution available and tested with


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  • We have a few Hylafax servers in our network. Both it and IAXmodem are a
    real bear to learn at first (well, so is Asterisk) but when you get them
    working, they are rock solid. I hadn’t even thought about it, but it’s
    been at least a year since I logged into any of our Hylafax servers and did
    anything to them. They just work.

    I would estimate I put in a solid 30 hours into learning and configuring
    the first server, and then some more time learning additional capabilities
    and best practices. But again, since doing that, it’s been totally

    I will add though that we also use Fax for Asterisk simply to receive and
    turn faxes into PDF for some customers, and that is perfectly stable also.

  • Hi all,

    Does Hylafax and IAXmodem works with analog lines? or only with E1?

    I’ve been checking some commercial solutions (in case Asterisk is not on
    site, and the customer wants a Fax Server as standalone), i saw FaxBack and
    Linkcom e-fax

    But again, if Hylafax and iaxmodem works also with analog lines, that would
    be better to use. Could you please confirm? any place to check How-To on
    Hylafax and Iaxmodem?

    Many thanks!!!

    2012/5/29 Carlos Alvarez

  • Hylafax can use any fax modems: available E1 or analogue, ISDN as long as it can talk to it to send the commands

    If you add asterisk and iaxmodem then hylafax can run through anything asterisk is connected to – although it will suffer on SIP and IAX lines that have jitter or bandwidth limitations

    You only need iaxmodem to talk to asterisk, otherwise hylafax (or hylafax+) has a whole list of supported hardware

    Cheers Duncan

  • not sure what your requirements are, but i can +1 the reliability of
    hylafax, have been using it for years problem free although only +- 10
    faxes a day, and its running on an old leftover pc with a cheap modem on
    a analog line.

    i use it in combination with avantfax as a web front end and email2fax,
    its a cheap and Free solution, easy to use, low maintenance etc….

    never used iaxmodem though