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i read a lot about CDR problems
this document is the best description of CDRs problem in Asterisk i found

i cant still answer my question

is it possible with simple CDR fully describe axfer? (axfer is asterisk
native, not phone function)

A – customer
B – secretary
C – consultant1
D – consultant2

A -> B
B axfer C
C axfer D

i need to know
time B with C (consultation)
time A with C
time C with D (consultation)
time A with D
time A with everyone (full time – from start to the end of call)

(what about ring time?)

is it possible? if yes, can you post some example?

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  • I think what you want is CEL logging, cdr has design issues. If I am not mistaken it’s covered in asterisk wiki itself.

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  • No, it is not. CDRs (Asterisk or otherwise) are only capable of directly
    (simply) describing a call from party A to party B. They have no ability
    to describe call treatments, in-call features, or any other advanced

    Asterisk’s CDRs *attempt* to represent such information, but as you’ve
    seen, they don’t satisfy everyone, and it seems that many parties have
    conflicting ideas as to how things like transfers should be represented
    in CDRs.

  • Dne 29.5.2012 18:23, Kevin P. Fleming napsal(a):

    ok ok. i tried it 🙂

    i’ll try it the right way – “CEL” (centos6,unixODBC,cel_odbc,mysql)

    any sql views,scripts,sql triggers someone?
    is it implemented in switchvox,asterisknow,trixbox,elastix?