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Common/Reasonable Assumption on DID/Channel over-subscription

Hello All,

just throwing this out there. What are people generally using these days
when designing their services, esp. those that require a user to call a DID
to access their system, similar to calling card services. There was a time
when this used to be 50 to 1 for DIDs, and about 10 to 1 for number of
channels bought in SMB with IP-PBX.

I believe this would have changed today and assuming a service is pretty
popular, the ALOCs are longer due to cheaper rates and convenience of
calling. Does anyone have any real world numbers they can share? Is 10 to 1
a good ratio to ensure a user practically never gets a “circuits are busy”?

Thanks in advance

Linksys PAPT2

Hello people,

We have 4 asterisk server acting in which 2 are running as gateway, the
problem that i am facing is not asterisk related,

we are using linksys PAP2T firmware 5.1.6 & 5.1.8, as gateway to some GSM
providers in Africa, we have now reached the point where we must put
credentioal into asterisk directly rather than using ATA with analoge
cards. hence the QTY of ATA and our needs are growing.

We have every possible available soluation to find the SIP passwords inside
linksys PAP2T without joy, we have used various asterisk-password
decrypters but all failed.

any idea will be helpful,

Thanks in advance,





Help ! Audio not stored .


In Voicemail.conf 

If am am using

format=h263|gsm ,and i want to store only audio , then it is not storing.In log it shows that video is deposite less then 5 second. If i want to store video and audio both then it will store properly.

If am using  

format=gsm|h263 ,then my Xlite  softphone will go to haung.

I just want to store audio and video both or some time only audio .

1)Plz guide me which combination of codec will be usefull.

2)Is there is any serial number signifance in format,ie one time if i use as format=h263|gsm and second time i am using format=gsm|h263,why  is diffrence  come?


Durgesh Mishra

Rancore Technologies.