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Hello ISDN Users.

I am hit by some frustrations because my Server has only two PCI-X slots
and my Eicon Diva 4BRI-8M, which should work fine with Asterisk, is only
PCI 2.0 standard and does not fit into the PCI-X slot.

Currently I use two AVM Fritz! cards, but while my Xeon 604 2000MHz had
a load-average of less then 0.5 it is now increasing to more then 4, if
I have 20 VoIP and two ISDN calls.

So, the cheap AVM cards have to replaced.

Since I do not have currenly the money to buy a Eicon Diva Server 3.0
quad-port, can you recommend me inexpensive Dual- or Quad-Port cards
which I could get used on eBay?

Note: I have to connect my Alice Box (ADSL2+) and two Vodafone
EasyBox 803A (using the Huawei K3765-HV USB-Stick) to it.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
Michelle Konzack

6 thoughts on - Dual- or Quad ISDN cards for PCI-X Slots

  • This does not make sense; PCI 2.0 cards should fit just fine into PCI-X
    slots. Do you mean PCI-Express instead? That’s very different.

  • Hello Kevin P. Fleming,

    Am 2012-05-25 12:03:39, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:

    No, it does not fit, since PCI 2.0 is 5V and has only one notch.

    PCI 2.1, 2.2. and 2.3 do have two notches, because they are 3.3V.

    In clear, you can not insert old 5V PCI 2.0 cards into a 3.3V PCI-X slot

    Unfortunately, even used 4 port cards cost at least 200 Euro on eBay.

    And since I need USB 2.0 ports, which occupy a PCI-X slot, I need a
    compatible 2port port or 4port ISDN-Card.

    Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack

  • Ahh, your real issue is voltage then, not the PCI specification that the
    card is compliant with. Cards can be compliant with any of the PCI
    versions you mentioned and still be 5V only, 3.3V only, or 5V/3.3V

    All modern ISDN BRI cards usable with Asterisk are both 5V and 3.3V
    compatible, but as you say, they aren’t available in your price range.

  • I recently bought 2 Beronet BN4S0 cards on eBay, each for under 100 €.
    they have 4 S0 ports.

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    Am 29.05.2012 um 14:18 schrieb “Kevin P. Fleming” :

  • That graphic doesn’t cover PCI-X at all. PCI-X uses the long connector like
    the 64-bit cards shown, but PCI-X is 32-bit.


    Stephen J Alexander