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Hello everyone,

Just thought to let you know of a weird issue in Asterisk 1.8.? + Dahdi
2.6.? (and 2.5.?).

When you specify any cadence in an app (Dial, Queue) then caller id does
not work.

For instance with the default cadences (everything commented out in
chan_dahdi.conf) :

Dial(DAHDI/54) caller id works

Dial(DAHDI/54r1) caller id does not work (even for r1)

I just found this issue did not have time to investigate further. Can
anyone else verify that this is true for tonezones other than 13 (gr) which
I am using?



One thought on - No caller id when using cadence with DAHDI

  • Thanks for your input.

    I failed to mention my setup: Centos 5.8, Asterisk, libpri 1.4.12,
    DAHDI 2.5.1

    I have a rhino r1t4 connected to 2 channel banks (adit 600). Also a digium
    B410P for connection to PSTN.

    Unfortunately rhino drivers don’t compile against DAHDI 2.6.1 so I cannot
    test if the problem is solved in that version. For the time being I have
    removed cadence specification from any calls to Dial or Queue for FXS.