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Hello All,
I use IAX2 as the incoming connection from my DID provider. For whatever
reason, this works best for me, SIP connections lag very frequently and
only have about a 50% success rate for incoming calls (they get dropped

I’m trying to implement a fax/voice switch. I have faxdetect=both in my
sip.conf, and when I use sip, it works well. However, from what I can
tell, there’s no such option for IAX2 connections.

Any ideas on what I can do here, or am I out of luck?


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  • Sorry I hit send by mistake (touchscreens, sigh)

    I’ve had good success with faxing over voip, I’m not expecting it to be
    perfect, and my provider (voip.Ms) is planning on t.38, but I’m looking for
    an interm solution. Audio faxing has worked every attempt both sending
    receiving (5 and 5).

    Should I update to asterisk 10 for this?


  • Why not just get an extra inbound number from your provider, and use that for
    your faxes? Saves a lot of fart-arsing around. (Providers are now beginning
    to issue numbers beginning with a 0, thus requiring the STD code to be dialled
    even for a call within the same town. Would be ideal for a fax line.)