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Le 22/05/2012 19:48, Administrator TOOTAI a écrit :
> Hi list,
> we face a strange behavior on an Asterisk from time to time,
> around 5 times a day (time when it happend totaly unpredictable),
> asterisk doesn’t see incoming INVITE SIP packets, those being catched
> by a tshark capture 🙁
> So incoming calls are CANCELED by other party as they never get an
> answer on their INVITE. The problem disappear from itself after few
> minutes. The server is not overloaded (it happends also during the
> night, early morning, at lunch time, …)
> The server is running since monthes and the problem appears around 5
> weeks after (we think looking at history) a maintenance including an
> asterisk update from 1.6.21 to 1.6.22
> If someone had an idea what could be the source of the problem …
> Thanks.

Forgot to say that our asterisk server is registered as client to the
peer one and both parties have static IP addresses.