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I am using asterisk 1.4 and I have the following issue: I would like to
turn off the voicemail option that asks you to press 1 (“to accept this
message”), 2 (” to listen to it”) and 3 (“to rerecord your message”)when
you make the record since they are not in my native language. Does
anyone know how to do this?Thank you!


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  • Your “other option” would be to set CHANNEL(language) to your native
    language. The ,s option only suppresses the initial greeting; you are
    wanting to suppress the “after recording” instructions.

  • To turn of the after recording messages, in voicemail.conf change review=yes to review=no

  • Hello,

    That did it!!! I still have a “thank you” at the end but I assume that
    is because of the default language set to English. Thank you very much
    for the help!