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We use AMI to originate calls. Sometimes, lately every morning, the AMI Originate process operates extremely slowly. I cannot see the calls in “core show channels verbose”, I don’t know where they are, what state they are in, after 2-3 minutes the calls go through one after the other. As mentioned, it usually happens in the morning as soon as people start their workday, where there are a lot of logins and calls being made, but no where close to a peak in terms of simultaneous channels, etc. In some cases restarting asterisk, in others just taking the storm and waiting it out solves the problem. Having a hard time coming up with something to troubleshoot this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • Since this didn’t ring a bell with anybody, it must not be related to asterisk. Digging further into my code, I may have found the reason for this. Note to others who may find this post later, looks like asterisk can take Originate actions as fast as you can give it, look other places..:)