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I use an SBC to protect my pool of asterisk servers and as trunking
endpoint with SIP Telcos. Now I’m trying to implement SIP phone
registration to be delegated through the SBC, as a proxy.

It doesn’t work. It just works when I don’t use realtime peers at the
asterisk servers. Using realtime SIP peers, since there is one SIP phone
that gets his registration delegated through the SBC, any inbound call that
tries to reach any asterisk server, coming from any SIP Telco trunk ended
at my SBC, gets refused in asterisk. As asterisk records the IP of the SBC
as the IP of the phone that has been registered, it “thinks” that those
calls coming from the SBC are calls coming from that phone, and it refuses
them with “401 Unauthorized” replies. I’m using asterisk 1.8.11.

How can I surpass this problem? Is there any configuration that I’m lacking
on, or is this a limitation of asterisk?


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  • Hello Ricardo,
    The reason why your asterisk refused the calls from phone registering on
    SIP proxy is that it only gets INVITE of the call from: a user that is
    defined BUT Not Registered within asterisk.
    The easy way of solving this is
    1- Stop asterisk SIP realtime and let only the SIP proxy handle
    2- Tell asterisk to accept calls from the SIP proxy only (create a SIP peer
    for proxy)
    This will make everything work.


    On Sat, May 19, 2012 at 9:15 PM, Ricardo Carvalho <> wrote:

  • Hi Sammy go

    Can you help me with my problem
    I have asterisk 1.8 and i am using asterisk-gui 2.0, and in asterisk-gui
    2.0 the voice prompt menu which is used for custom voice recording for IVR
    is not working and not recording. Can u tell me how to defualt this feature.