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At the moment, I’m mostly using a “Day/Night toggle” button to let
users deal with week-ends, holidays and opening hours.
As Asterisk 1.8 introduces Calendar capabilities, I’m wondering if
better alternatives now exist.

Is it possible, safe, reliable and easy to refer from Asterisk to a
public calendar resource listing holidays, for a given country ?
Should you instead refer to a private resource, to avoid depending on
an externaly managed resource ? If you go this way, which tools would
you recommend to build and update a private calendar ?

Suggestions ?


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  • What we determined to work best for our organization was to have a
    database of holidays that we observe. This allows several benefits.

    We define which holidays actually cause the offices to be closed.

    We can also define what time the office closes so half days for Good
    Friday and New Years Eve when we close at noon.

    Some departments may not actually close the same hours as others so
    there are different calendars for different Queues and Auto Attendants.

    If a holiday falls on a weekend, we may observe it on a different date
    so if Christmas falls on Saturday, we are closed on Friday. (We all do
    not close for Christmas Eve when this happens)

    We have a special holiday called emergency that can be easily triggered
    remotely in the case of a major event, typically weather, that would
    force the offices to be closed.

    All you need for this is a database, we use MySQL, and a way to query
    that database, we use func_odbc. Management of the database can be
    command line, phpmyadmin or a custom front end.


  • I have not seen a schedule of holidays by country. We usually do is to
    enter a MySQL database with the holidays in each country.

    This will have to work in a particular way because, as happened for
    example with a client who is an embassy, they celebrate the country
    holidays and also the country where they are.

    Remember that the same company also has its holiday (anniversary of the