Fax Problem on direct FXO port


Sebastian, Seeing as this an issue related to faxing using the SpanDSP library;
if you do not get an answer leading to a solution here, then you may try
asking on the SpanDSP mailing list
http://lists.soft-switch.org/mailman/listinfo It's likely that the Asterisk users, specifically using SpanDSP, may be
on that list. Thanks, Rusty Newton
Open Source Community Support Manager
Digium, Inc | www.digium.com | www.asterisk.org
On 5/16/2012 12:44 PM, Sebastian Gutierrez wrote:
> Hi,
> I´m with asterisk

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groups and categories


I know that I should know this. But I'm having serious brain farts at the
moment. I want to have a call be counted in a number of ways outbound
potential so, for example, a call comes into my dialplan, I want to add it to TotalCalls (all calls inbound + outbound)
InboundCalls (all inbound calls)
Potenial (all inbound calls that may potentially enter a conference)
Potenial (all inbound calls that may potentially enter a conference by
conference name) the potential category needs to be decremented when the call actually

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