2 thoughts on - OT – Incoming fax cuts ADSL line

  • I have clients with their ADSL2+ service attached to their fax lines
    with no problems observed.

    Perhaps the issue is the fax machines attenuators are not set correctly
    are are to _loud_ on the PSTN.

    In Australia Telstra advised the signal level received at the exchange
    should be between -15dB and -17dB. They have a Fax On Line Diagnostic
    System (FOLDS) which you can send a transmission to, a report is
    returned advising of the quality of your transmission including measured
    signal and noise levels.

    In old days the fax machine might have a wired jumper block to set the
    attenuation, more modern devices would be configured from the front
    panel, typically in a maintenance mode. Your good old dial-up modems
    with fax capabilities would have an S-Register or two to set the