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Asterisk 10.1.3 on SUSE 10 SP2 – Resolved

Hi List,

The resolution for the problem was to modify utils/Makefile
with this line


Instead of


Still doesn’t resolve the fact that sqlite3 version 3.2.8 doesn’t like the
create table if not exists astdb, but I can live with that.


Danny Nicholas

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Wed, 16 May 2012 18:07:05

OT – Incoming fax cuts ADSL line

50% of time SendDTMF failed

I am having a problem with SendDTMF() – 50% of time it did not succeed.

I suspect it is not sending clear DTMF tones to the IVR.

For example:


Sometime digit 3 and 2 work, and failed to do digit 1.
Sometime digit 3 work and failed to do number 2.
Sometime all went through fine.

dtmfmode=rfc2833 are set in the sip.conf file

How do I debug to see what went wrong and how to fix?

Installed on VPS (XEN, CentOS 5.x, 768 MB Ram, 1000 GB B/W – Located in UK)
VOIP Provider in UK.


announce in more than one language or announceoverride


I’d like a single queue to announce the caller’s position, etc., in more than one language without user interaction. ie. announce position in English then in French then in Spanish

Is this possible (without ivr)?

Can anyone please give me a Queue cmd example with ‘announceoverride’?



Does it support call details records?

Hi All;

I did not install AsteriskNow, but I am thinking to install it.

If I installed it, I can see the call details records for the extensions? I can request the CDR to be between specific dates and to specific extension?