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I would like to know if the servers (A and B) could use boards non-digium
with the R-Series HA product from Digium, i have a couple of B600E Sangoma
to put on each server and use the R-series to provide HA. Is that possible?


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  • Thanks,

    What about the Database and recording calls replication? as i could see,
    the RSeries does not take into account these data.


    2012/5/12 Kevin P. Fleming

  • The Digium R-series devices are electronic switches used for routing
    telephony circuits; they don’t have any part in the actual failover
    process, data replication, or anything of the sort. All of those
    functions need to be handled via software on the server(s) involved. The
    R-series user’s manual describes one way this can be done using Asterisk
    and open source tools commonly available on Linux distributions.