3 thoughts on - SLA – Shared Line Appearance – Polycom

  • Yes but I am not able to follow it to completion.

    I think the guide is quite incomplete.

    I am also trying to follow another guide which leaves things out.

    I was hoping that someone has it working so they can tell me exactly what is missing and needs to be done.

  • Yes, I have managed to get everything working recently with Asterisk 1.8
    and Polycom devices (and Aastra, Panasonic, Snom, Digium, etc…)

    For the Polycom’s in particular, look for the section in
    the Polycom admin manual. You will want to setup your resourceList
    options for the SLA configuration so it monitors correctly (which are
    really just BLF type keys on the Polycom that monitor a hint on Asterisk).

    The hints on Asterisk are them controlled via the SLAtrunk() and
    SLAstation() applications in Asterisk.

    I’ll be updating the SLA section in the next version of Asterisk: The
    Definitive Guide (4th edition) to elaborate on SLA based on my testing
    and implementations over the last couple of months.

    So here is what you need as a recap:

    * registration line on Polycom
    * attendant configuration for BLF keys
    * hints in Asterisk that the attendant keys can monitor
    * sla.conf configuration for trunks and stations
    * usage of SLAtrunk() and SLAstation() applications to use the SLA
    lines, which also changes the device status (that is monitored by the