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Im looking to buy a digium phone D70 unit just for testing on lab; to
really understand the phone and features.

I cant find any website with opinions; any here? Are they really valuable
to the price? (D70 quite expensive)

Does the SDK for building apps is usable? Can you build powerfull apps?

Many thanks

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  • Hello,
    I’ve been using the Digium D40’s for a few weeks now and I think they
    are good for the price. There are a few UI problems but I hope/expect
    they will be resolved in a firmware update or two.

    Haven’t looked at the SDK yet.


  • We’ve just had one of each delivered for us to play with in our lab (Literally an hour ago!). Not had chance to play with them yet, But initial thoughts are they look good. Build quality seems fine for the price. I’ll form more of an opinion when i get chance to play with them properly tomorrow.

    I don’t think the SDK is available yet (I’ve not been able to find it on the digium site). I’m itching to get my hands on it though! My first thought when seeing the D70 and looking at the screen for the speed dial keys was “I hope we can use this screen in for the apps, It’s perfect for a tetris clone.” 🙂


  • The phone app SDK has not been released yet, it’s still under development.

  • Does the D40 will support the option to develope apps? As i could see on
    videos only the D70 has the apps button, and also, the lcd screen is
    smaller. Right?

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