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I want to send out 1000 faxes. I have an excel sheet of numbers and I have
Asterisk 1.8 installed from repository. I don’t want to use a fax machine
or any ATAs or analogue equipment. How would Asterisk help me with faxing
these? and what add-ons do I need to make this possible?

I can work my way around doing bash script and do Asterisk spool files, but
I am unclear as to what happens from that point on to getting the result of
fax sent or not. Some guidance is much appreciated.


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  • Lee,

    Much appreciated for the input.

    I am running all VoIP. SIP and IAX2 to our ITSPs. Please elaborate on
    HylaFax and IAXmodems. Is there a guide posted on to get it running, or is
    it part of the repository? Once installed how would one send .pdf as fax?


  • No. I built Asterisk 10 from source. Once I installed spandsp, the
    menuconfig had the option of installing “app_fax”.

    Downloaded and built from source from

    It builds easy.

    Well, the Digium one isn’t always limited to 1 channel, just 1 channel
    for the free version. And honestly, if you can get T.38 support it will
    make your life a lot easier. Faxing over VOIP is hit & miss. Doing
    T.38 Fax over IP makes faxing a lot more reliable.