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I get an error when I execute this code
exten => rejected,n,Hangup($[-1*${Z}])

May 2 13:42:09] WARNING[23128]: ast_expr2.fl:468 ast_yyerror:
ast_yyerror(): syntax error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting
‘-‘ or ‘!’ or ‘(‘ or ‘‘; Input:

The variable “Z” has a negative number, which is the code that I need
to use in the hangup.
Any idea how can I do this? There is no ABS() function in Asterisk. I
already filed a request for it but it turns up that it will cost me
money. How can I remove the sign from a number?

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  • 3 possibilities – 1 use an AGI; 2 use a system command 3 (hopefully the
    simplest) just use a Set command. Which one you actually end up using may
    depend on your Asterisk flavor.

  • If you’re sure Z is non-null and negative, then
    exten => rejected,n,Hangup($[-(${Z})])