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Hello all,

I’m trying to solve a problem on a T1 span setup wherein calls are
apparently not hanging up properly.

The system in question is using a Xorcom Astribank with 1 full and 1
partial T1 span, and running Asterisk 1.4.36.

The symptom is that when a call hangs up on a DAHDI channel (according to
Asterisk), and another outgoing call tries to open a new channel on the
same line as the hung-up call within approximately a minute of the hangup,
the new call gets a congestion notice (“all circuits busy”) from
asterisk. After about a minute passes after the hangup, the line becomes
available again. So it seems like the channels are not hanging up when
Asterisk tells them to, and Asterisk doesn’t know it.

I suspected a signaling issue, and this appeared confirmed when I
discovered that the signalling was set in chan_dahdi.conf as “fxs_ks” (this
installation had been converted from analog lines by another company; I
guess that was an oversight?).

So I changed it to pri_cpe, as my reading of the docs indicated was proper.
After this change and restarting everything, though, the symptoms persist.
So I figure that either my reading of the docs is wrong (and therefore
pri_cpe is not the right signaling) OR something totally unrelated is going

Can someone please clue me in here? I am a bit at a loss. Let me know if
you need further information about the system/environment.


Stephen J Alexander

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