meetme and dtmf


Hi Group, is it possible to read the DTMF tones from a caller while he is in a meetme conference?
I would like to read the pressed key sequence and call a command like MeetMeAdmin or System Commands.
I'm using Asterisk 1.8.7. Thanks for help

Asterisk Users 3.4 years ago 2 Answers

looking for some quality testers for zoiper softphone for android.


Hi zoa, On 31-05-12 17:39, joachim wrote:
> Ellow,
> We released zoiper for Android today, available for free here:
> SIP and IAX is supported, should work quite well, unfortunately it is
> really hard to test all android and hardware combinations.
> Any android lovers out there to send us some feedback ? Preferably with
> packet capture skills ?
> I am mainly looking for feedback on the audio quality, audio delay and
> if everything looks ok in the…

Asterisk Users 3.4 years ago 1 Answer